ISAPS Education Council Chair , Course Director

  • Pharmacy Degree, University of Athens, Greece 1980
  • Medicine Degree, University of Athens, Greece 1985
  •  Ph.D in Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Athens, 1985
  • Senior Consultant in Plastic Surgery Athens, Greece,1994
  • Specialist in Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery. 1994
  • Author of numerous papers, reviews and clinical studies in International Journals and educational events
  • Faculty member of international Congresses, Courses and other teaching events worldwide
  • Life Honorary President of the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery
    (ESLAS , )
  • ISAPS Visiting Professor
  • ISAPS Education Council Chair,
  • Director of Plastic Aesthetic and Laser surgery Dept. “Hygeia” Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • Director of “Laserlight Clinic”, Athens, Greece the first private Laser Clinic established in Greece in 1997
  • President and Founder of DrK Medical Group ( )

Dr. Kontoes is a pioneer of Laser Aesthetic surgery in Greece and Europe and performed the first ever full face Laser resurfacing for wrinkles, age spots and age signs of the face in the country in 1995. He is also known for the innovative evolution of the Laser Blepharoplasty technique with the Single Suture Traction Technique (SSTT) described and published by him. He is applying the whole spectrum of Aesthetic Plastic and Laser surgery techniques having introduced in Europe the combined technique of facial conventional aesthetic surgery ( face lift) and Laser resurfacing at the same session. He is also known for the combination of invasive and non invasive techniques fot the rejuvenation of the facial area.

His research and experience in Aesthetic  Surgery are appreciated worldwide and he is regularly invited to  International Congresses and Universities to give lectures on techniques  exclusively developed by him, very well known in the society of plastic surgery across the world for his excellent teaching skills.